Ruciński - usługi pogrzebowe


Exhumations are carried out from October 16 to April 15.

The formal procedure in several steps:

1. Board of the cemetery

The first step is to obtain assurance from the cemetery management, to which the remains will be transferred, regarding the existence of the place and the right to be buried.

2. Sanitary-epidemiological station

Sanitary-epidemiological station (appropriate for the cemetery from which the body is exhumed) must agree to carry out the exhumation. If 20 years have not passed since the date of burial, the sanitary officer may appoint his representative and inform about the possible date of his presence during the exhumation.
We deliver the agreement from the cemetery where the remains will be buried and the agreement from the sanitary inspectorate to the cemetery board from which we take the exhumed person.

3. Setting the deadline

The cemetery management sets an exhumation date and informs about the need to collect the death certificate.
After collecting the death certificate, it should be delivered to the cemetery board, where the transported remains will be buried.
We also inform the cemetery about the date of delivery of the remains.
To transport the remains you need: an exhumation bag, an exhumation box or a coffin.

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