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The death of loved ones is a very difficult time for everyone.

Also in such difficult moments it is necessary to make some formalities before burial of the deceased person. We often don't know where to start because we are under the influence of strong emotions.

In order to help you in this difficult moment we have prepared a short guide. Below we present all the formalities in the correct order. We also listed the contact details to the nearest parishes.

1. Death card

The doctor caring for a deceased patient or an ambulance doctor issues an information card or death card (not to be confused with a death certificate issued by the Registry Office).

The death card is the basic document confirming death, necessary when ordering a funeral parlor to remove corpses and prepare them for the funeral.

2. Body pickup

After receiving your death card, most further burial activities can be done by the selected funeral home. First, the corpse should be taken by the funreal home. After agreeing on the scope of services, most of the activities related to the burial can be done by the funeral home.

Warning! The closest relatives of the deceased have the full right to choose the funeral home whose offer suits them best, regardless of the place of death of the deceased person.

3. Civil Registry Office

We go to the Registry Office suitable for the place of death, where on the basis of the deceased's identity card, your identity card and death card, we obtain a death certificate.

4. Cemetery management

With a death card and death certificate, you can go to the cemetery parish office or cemetery management and set the date and time of the funeral. Here, too, you should pay for a place in the cemetery. Please note that large cemeteries require a mediation of a funeral home.

5. Finances

If we have signed a contract with the funeral home to finance the funeral, the funeral home will receive the grant and the entire service will be settled after the funeral.

However, if we dealt with the costs ourselves, we should deliver most of the bills related to the funeral and the death certificate to the appropriate insurance company where the deceased was insured (ZUS, KRUS, MSWiA, WBE) in order to collect the funeral grant. The amount of the allowance is fixed, PLN 4000, and has not changed since March 1, 2011.



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